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Wetenschappelijk laboratorium


Educational institutions – universities, colleges, secondary and primary education – are in the
public and political spotlight. Stakeholder management, being in contact with the surroundings
and the international society requires vision, strategy and leadership. This, for example, includes
being a good employer, providing high-quality education, responsible management of budgets
worth billions, innovative capacity and resilience, recording contractual agreements and
intellectual property rights (transfer knowledge), etc.

‘Education & Science' is a broader sector than just the education sector; it includes knowledge and research institutions, such as colleges and universities, interest representing bodies, politics and government. Within this domain, priorities are set and socially relevant and impactful choices are made. In the interest of the knowledge economy, well-being and prosperity.

Vision, focus, leadership, professionalism and managerial experience are highly required qualities
in this complex, highly competitive and ranking-based industry. Within the sector, there is an
increasing call for Diversity & Inclusion to connect with all groups in society. There is therefore a
continuous demand for good leaders and executive managers who lead and manage highly
educated knowledge professionals and specialists in this sector.

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