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Saniye Çelik

Associate Partner

Board Practice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Executive Coaching 

Saniye Çelik started her career as a police officer in the Dutch Brabant-region. She worked for the police for over seventeen years, in both uniform and advisory positions. In addition to her job, she studied Management, Economics and Law in Breda and subsequently Human Resources Sciences at Tilburg University. In the role of researcher, she started at the University of Groningen and developed an intervention methodology and training to promote the cooperation and effectiveness of diverse teams.

In 2009, she commenced at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to coordinate government policy on Diversity Policy for the overall Public Sector. In the fourteen years that followed, Saniye worked on several cases, such as urban development, strengthening local democracy and the central government's Inclusion policy. She worked at the Public Administration Council (ROB) ((Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur (ROB)) and conducted research into the digitization of the election chain from the General Administrative Service (ABD) - Topconsult. (Algemene Bestuursdienst (ABD) – Topconsult.)

Saniye obtained her PhD in 2016 on the business case of Diversity at Leiden University. A year later she was appointed as a lecturer in Diversity & Inclusion at Leiden University of Applied Sciences. She conducts research and translates these insights into evidence-based action plans. Saniye advises organizations on embedding Diversity & Inclusion in the systems, processes and culture of the organization. She developed the Inclusion Scan for individuals and teams. She also provides leadership programs for supervisors, administrators and leaders, such as the leadership program for mayors and the 'Inclusive Leadership' - course for managers at the Police and the Public Prosecution Service.

In September 2023, Saniye was also appointed professor of Diversity & Inclusion at Leiden University. Her research themes are: leadership and culture, safe and inclusive teams, recruitment and retention of staff, and connection of public organizations with society. The Council of Ministers also appointed Saniye as a member of the Sociol and Economic Council  of the Netherlands (SER), a position she will hold since April 1, 2024.


As an Associate Partner, Saniye has been affiliated with Capita Selecta since October 2022 and advises Supervisory Boards and Boards of selected organizations and companies when it comes to responsible leadership and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Saniye has given various interviews and wrote numerous articles and publications in the field of Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership in teams and organizations. A complete list will be made available upon request.

Prof. Dr. Saniye Çelik

T. +31 (0)35 3030 050


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