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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

The conceptual framework 'Governance, Risk & Compliance' (GRC) refers to those professional activities of organizations that ensure that the boundaries of regulations are not exceeded.


'Governance' refers to the frameworks within which an organization's activities are aligned with its objectives. A/o, this concerns the processes, structures and policies designed to manage and monitor business activities. 'Risk' concerns the continuous process within which risks are identified, mitigated and addressed through (automated) controls and ensuring that risks are managed in accordance with strategy and policy. This includes identifying risks, measuring, assessing and monitoring them. Finally, 'Compliance' ensures that activities are carried out in accordance with laws and regulations.


GRC concerns the 'how' within your organization. The 'what' is often recorded in a performance management system. However, with regard to achieving your organizational objectives, the 'who' is at least as important. After all, it is your people who do it.

Capita Selecta pays a lot of attention to the interplay between Board of Directors and Supervisory Boards and Board of Directors and Executive Managers. Where are things going well and where do we identify improvements and help implement them together with you?


Many organizations still lack a well-defined GRC - strategy or -policy. In doing so, they (un)consciously take risks in the areas of operational, business strategic, economic, legal, reputational, technological and cyber technical nature.


An integrated GRC strategy means a company-wide approach to real-time integrated risk management by risk-aware, informed organizations that make substantiated decisions based on qualitative decision-making that align with the business objectives. This, what we call ‘the golden triangle', forms the basis on which you can (continue to) carry out your activities successfully.


Capita Selecta's facilitates Supervisory Boards, Boards and Management in setting up this 'golden triangle'. Based on exploratory conversations with key stakeholders of your organization, we map out a tailor-made roadmap to an integral GRC framework for your organization. Your ambitions and objectives are leading.


Capita Selecta facilitates you in keeping your 'golden triangle' up to date by, among other things, drawing up a risk framework together with you, periodically evaluating the interplay between management, supervision and management and by offering team and/or personal coaching.


Capita Selecta facilitates your organization in developing, shaping and implementing your Governance, Risk & Compliance policy. Together we create the basis for successful entrepreneurship and a sustainable organization.


Capita Selecta - Executive Seach & Leadership Advisory translates organizational and strategic issues into pragmatic and concrete personnel solutions. We advise, guide and develop teams and individuals, in line with the strategy and the organization. Our Executive Search services identify, select, present and guide innovative and future-proof leadership and management.


Please contact the members of our Board Practice below, specified per area of expertise and service line:


Mrs. Christel Deckers - Associate Partner Leadership Advisory

(Non-) Executive Board Practice

Leadership Advisory - Strategie – F&A – GRC – Executive Coaching


Mr. Edward van den Boorn - Partner Executive Search

(Non-) Executive Board Practice

Executive Search – Digitalisering & Transformatie - CSR

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