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The curriculum vitae according to Capita Selecta.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Much has been said about writing a curriculum vitae. About the length that the document should have, about the layout as well. And of course, with regard to the content.

A curriculum vitae according to Capita Selecta has a clear structure, informs and is the basis for a correct and sound assessment by the recipient.

We have set up a format/structure that is intended to support you in thinking about the past, present and future. Professional and personal.

As you write your curriculum vitae, information and experiences will surface that you may have forgotten. Once the writing process has started, the process of reflection on your (future) ambitions and responsibilities started at the same time.

You can download our curriculum vitae format here.

On behalf of the Partners of Capita Selecta Executive Search, I wish you a lot of inspiration, contemplation, self-insight and above all a lot of pleasure with writing.

Yours sincerely,

Edward van den Boorn

Managing Partner


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