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Capita Selecta - 30 years Partners in Executive Search

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Behavior is everything we do and we don't do. Consciously or unconsciously. Visible and invisible. What determines behavior? What does it stem from? What's stopping it? Behavior can inspire people and connect them to a common vision. And, what does this mean for behavior in society, the organization and its leaders?

Executive Search forms the professional bridge between the client organization and its (future) leadership. It is the connection between the mission, strategy and context of the organization and the knowledge, skills and experience required for the desired leadership behavior and performance. Executive Search is the splendid profession that focuses on asking questions. It is the ability to observe, discover and analyze patterns based on data and dialogue, and draw the right conclusions from them. And ask new questions. What does the customer think, say and want? The candidate? What is explicitly not said?

According to Capita Selecta, Executive Search touches on the specific and the unique.

It connects the individual, the organization and the business economics. The contemporary, the impactful and the socially relevant.

Within Capita Selecta, professionals come together who are intrinsically and substantively interested in leadership issues. They translate these into customer and context specific solutions. This is offered on the basis of two propositions: Executive Search and Leadership Solutions.

Capita Selecta – innovates, broadens and expands

In 2023, Capita Selecta celebrates its 30th anniversary with innovating solutions, broadening the proposition and expanding the team. To be able to serve you, customer or candidate, even more broadly, better and more specifically in the coming decade.

First of all, we add two practices to our Executive Search services, i.e. 'IT & Digital' and 'Public'. To broaden and deepen our Leadership Solutions services, we are launching our Diversity & Inclusion practice in February of this year. With this we enter into the customer dialogue and define what Diversity & Inclusion really is, and what it can mean concretely within the strategy and success of the organization.

Our new website ( provides further information. Our renewed logo reflects our innovative and contemporary character and represents the core of our services: working from the context we touch the unique and the specific.

We cordially invite you to visit our website and/or contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

On behalf of the Capita Selecta – Team,

Edward van den Boorn

Managing Partner

Saniye Çelik - Roos van Dijk - Marc Hendrickx - Henriëtte van den Heuvel - Joost Taggenbrock -

Kirsten de Vries - Arnold de Vries Robbé


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