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Health and healthcare concerns everyone. With the increasing aging population and tightness on the labour market, it is of key importance that healthcare organizations are well organized and equipped for their responsibilities and social services.


Sharp choices have to be made in an increasingly complex stakeholder field. Budgets are decreasing while at the same time the call for more transparency and social responsibility and (thought) leadership is increasing. The administrative burden is increasing for both healthcare organizations and those who have to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the expenditure of resources by those organizations. Ensuring the quality of care to be provided is burdened by high regulatory pressure. Cost increases within the healthcare domain raise medical-ethical issues that require careful and balanced decision-making.


Managing and leading healthcare organizations requires leadership that inspires on the basis of mission, vision and strategy, and that mobilizes the forces that actually realize the ideal goal. It requires professional organizations that ultimately link the quality of the care provided to financially healthy and responsible business operations.



Capita Selecta - Executive Search & Leadership Advisory

Capita Selecta translates organizational and strategic issues into pragmatic and concrete personnel solutions. We advise, guide and develop teams and individuals, in line with the strategy and the organization. Our Executive Search services identify, select, present and guide innovative and future-proof leadership and management.


Over 30 years, the agency has developed into a renowned partner in the recruitment and development of leaders and senior executives for Dutch-based, national and international companies and organizations.

Please contact one of our Partners


Mrs. Christel Deckers - Associate Partner Leadership Advisory

(Non-) Executive Board Practice

Leadership Advisory - Strategie – F&A – GRC – Executive Coaching


Mr. Edward van den Boorn - Partner Executive Search

(Non-) Executive Board Practice

Executive Search – Digitalisering & Transformatie - CSR


Mrs. Saniye Çelik - Associate Partner Leadership Advisory

(Non-) Executive Board Practice

Leadership Advisory – DEI / Inclusie Scan - Executive Coaching

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