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'Een mens heeft twee oren en één mond om twee keer zoveel te luisteren dan te praten' - Confucius


Dr. Christel M.H.A. Deckers MBA

Associate Partner Leadership Advisory
Public, Care & Education, Finance & Assurance
Governance, Risk & Compliance

Christel Deckers' career is characterized by a number of distinctive phases in which she held a variety of positions and responsibilities. In the early stages of her career, this involved operational management positions such as Head of the Business Office within the AMC, Project Leader for the integration of the UMC Utrecht with the medical faculty, Director of Operations of the NKI-AVL and interim Director of the Slotervaart Hospital.


In the years that followed, Christel used her experience, knowledge and insights as an entrepreneur in Interim Management - positions as Director, Operational and Strategic Manager and Strategic Advisor in the areas of Business Management, Finance and ICT, Transition and Quality & Safety.


Over the past decade, Christel has developed into Chairman and Member of Supervisory and Supervisory Boards within the Healthcare and Education domains. She is currently Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Maxima Medical Center, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Marente and Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Raphael Foundation and the Trimbos Institute.


Christel specializes in dynamics in the boardroom, specifically in the field of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). Christel obtained her PhD from the Business School of Economics and developed a Conceptual Decision Model for investments in I@T. She has an unbridled interest in science and the practical applicability of knowledge and technology. Partly for this reason, Christel founded the Care, Cure, Advice and Supervision Foundation (CATO). Within this foundation, instruments, methods and techniques have been developed for the professionalization of supervisors in the field of Governance, Risk & Compliance. She dissolved the Foundation when its objectives and tasks were continued by, among others, the Dutch Association for Supervisors (NVTZ). She acted as Ambassador for this association in the years that followed.


Christel is an ambitious and independent thinker and self-employed entrepreneur. She observes and listens and has the continuous desire to think along with organizations, executives and non-executives and to improve matters. In 2021, and groundbreaking in the history of the Royal Dutch Professional Association for Accountants (NBA), Christel was the first director appointed who was not an accountant.


Christel is a reviewer for 'Management Book' and has several own publications to her name in the areas of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Supervision, Investment- and Return - issues, the Productivity Paradox, ICT and the Electronic Client File. She advises and guides Boards of Directors and Advisory & Supervisory Boards in the areas of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Remuneration & Appointment.

​Public domain, Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit, Healthcare, Education and Finance & Assurance.

Christel Deckers

T.+31 (0) 35 3030 050


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