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Diversity & Inclusion

Capita Selecta supports and guides your organization in shaping and implementing a strategic Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) policy. This makes D&I part of your leadership DNA and -culture. You will create a strategic advantage in your services as a socially responsible and sustainable sector and thought leader.


How do you start with D&I and stimulate the change process? Which aspects are important and how do you want to be supported in your organizational development? With proven principles and successful D&I strategies, you can take your first and/or next steps with Capita Selecta.


‘Diversity’ refers to all visible and invisible differences. Compare it to an iceberg: we can only see the top, but the iceberg also has a powerful base under water. Invisible but very essential and influential.

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Inclusion is the way in which the differences between people are dealt with within the team, within the organization or in society.


Diversity does not automatically lead to inclusion. Inclusion occurs when everyone belongs and matters. When a multitude and diversity of ideas and approaches contribute to, for example, service provision, product development, customer approach and/or values development. Capita Selecta's D&I-practice supports management and boards in making their management, management team and organization more diverse and inclusive.


Based on exploratory conversations with your key stakeholders, we design a tailor-made roadmap to inclusive leadership and to an inclusive culture and organization. Your ambitions and objectives are leading. We can map out how leadership can contribute to strengthening an inclusive working environment.


Through our Executive Search services, we are able to identify and present the D&I-professionals who will give shape and content to the D&I-strategy and its implementation. Capita Selecta explores and searches for the right match between talents and the wishes of your organization. We think along with you and advise you on how your vision on diversity and inclusion can be translated into policy and interventions. The ways in which responsibilities with regard to the D&I-policy should be allocated, are not obvious. They require awareness, targeted action and effort, acceptance, follow-up and assurance.

The ultimate goal is to make D&I a self-evident and integral part of the Leadership DNA of your organization. 


Contact Edward van den Boorn and be informed about our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) - services and the unique 'Inclusion Scan' that is developed and provided by our associate partner, Prof. Dr. Saniye Çelik.

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