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Tulpenveld en windmolens


Capita Selecta's Energy & Utilities - practice focuses on the 'ecosystem' within which the energy transition is central. This practice focuses on (international) organizations and companies that, partly as a result of the (inter)national climate objectives, take up the challenge of making a substantial contribution to the circular economy and the sustainable development goals as defined by the United Nations. The focus is on research & development, innovation, new technologies and the development (and financing) of new business economic models, or 'old' models that are re-emerging. Billions of dollars will be made available as an investment in the future of our planet.


Within the energy transition, former utility activities such as waste processing and incineration and/or heat generation are merging. Many other sectors also have strong interfaces with - and activities within - one of the most actual and socially relevant issues. Sectors such as: automotive & mobility, industrial technology/clean tech, built environment/smart cities, raw materials & minerals, chemical process technology, etc.


Relevant issues here are: energy generation, distribution, fossil fuels versus 'renewables', hydrogen, storage, CO₂ emission reduction, on-shore, offshore, smart grids, electrification, geopolitics and regulation.

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