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No other sector is evolving so quickly, and at the same time changing the way companies and organizations function and interact with their customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. It leads to different ways of working together, communications, new products and services, and new ways to create value for customers.


For society, the digital transformation leads to improvements in quality of life and access to information and communication. It offers the opportunity to create new jobs and realize economic growth. However, there are also challenges to tackle, such as dealing with the privacy of individuals, information security at companies and the creation and/ or loss of jobs.


Modern leaders who embrace digital transformation are able to differentiate their businesses from their competitors and create new revenue streams. They are also able to implement efficiency and productivity improvements and show resilience to changing market and organizational conditions. However, leading (digital) transformation requires the right leadership qualities. This is especially true in situations of reluctance to change within their organizations. They lead in terms of people, process and organizational change.


Capita Selecta's Digital Transformation practice focuses entirely on the current and future themes and issues generated by the digital transformation. And not only on the business or society side, but also on the data and technology side: Cloud computing, Big data and Analytics, Mobile and Social media, Cybersecurity, Automation and Robotization, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Capita Selecta has decades of knowledge, experience and insight to successfully fill positions such as Chief Information, Chief Digital Transformation Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.

Capita Selecta - Executive Search & Leadership Advisory

Capita Selecta translates organizational and strategic issues into pragmatic and concrete personnel solutions. We advise, guide and develop teams and individuals, in line with the strategy and the organization. Our Executive Search services identify, select, present and guide innovative and future-proof leadership and management.


Over 30 years, the agency has developed into a renowned partner in the recruitment and development of leaders and senior executives for Dutch-based, national and international companies and organizations.

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Mr. Edward van den Boorn - Partner Executive Search

(Non-) Executive Board Practice

Executive Search – Digitalisering & Transformatie - CSR

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