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Executive Search, guiding and advising

Executive Search requires a structured and careful process that starts with the analysis of the client's specific question and context. Based on this analysis, Capita Selecta identifies and approaches potential candidates. Interested and potentially qualified candidates are invited to our office. Individual candidates are advised regarding their career, personal and professional development and future. During the executive search process, the client is guided in its considerations and decision-making. A long-term and successful collaboration between candidate and client is the starting point.

Capita Selecta offers its clients tailor-made access to markets, companies, sources and networks. In addition to the data and information technology we apply, which supports us in mapping 'ecosystems', we know the most important players and figureheads that are important to you. We know their ambitions and achievements.

Capita Selecta recognizes the uniqueness and brings together ambitious and responsible leaders and professionals who give shape, content and direction to strategy and 'stewardship'. Sustainable leaders who connect people, organizations and society through innovative services and successful business models. Leaders who deliver measurable and distinctive results.

Within Executive Search we offer the following services:

Executive Search for Executives

The demands placed on leadership and the development of vision, mission and strategy are increasing in a rapidly changing (digital) world. What are the desired qualities with regard to outlining the goal and direction of the organization, leading the change and the follow-up and realization of the objectives?


Capita Selecta specializes in positions at Executive and Senior Management level: General management, business management, operational management and specialized staff positions.

Executive Search for Non-Executives

The role of the non-executive board and/or supervisory board is complex and comprehensive. A non-executive board member is often an employer, supervisor and advisor at the same time, and is active in the field of risk management, strategy and boardroom dynamics. Capita Selecta assists its clients in the composition of a balanced non-executive board and/or supervisory board. Committed non-executives and professionals who, from their individual and specific portfolio perspective,  know how to keep the right distance from the executive management.



A structured and well-organized start of the new colleague who has just landed largely determines the success and sustainability of the collaboration that has recently started. In too many situations, little or no attention is paid to this by the employer. Much research shows that approximately one in two externally recruited senior managers and executives leave within two years of starting because they found too little connection with the organization and vice versa. It can put the organization at a major strategic disadvantage. Based on a structured process and a tailor-made program, Capita Selecta puts client and candidate in the right starting position. From the very beginning. 

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