Managing an organization requires an optimal interaction between the responsible manager and his or her team. Although the presence of individual talent of the team members is an important condition for success, it is the quality of the team itself that is crucial.


What makes a team successful? The answer to this question can be found in a combination of "hard" and "soft" elements.


Examples of ‘hard’ elements are: having a clear and shared vision, having and applying explicit rules about decision making and clarity about roles and responsibilities. "Soft’ elements concern for example: the individual behaviour of the team members, the quality of their interaction, the dynamics in the group and the quality

of their relationship.


Building and maintaining effective teams is not easy. Investments must be made in trust, cooperation and the pursuit of the same goal. In achieving these goals, leaders play a crucial and leading role. If he or she changes his or her behaviour, the team members will also change their attitude and behaviour. Scientific research shows that, in addition to their focus on the business, successful leaders have a clear eye for the composition and functioning of the team.


Capita Selecta systematically supports leaders and their teams in being successful and their effectiveness. We do this in a structured and systematic professional

manner, amongst others by making use of educated, trained and certified Partners.


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