Capita Selecta's Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT) practice focuses on the "trident" that has changed the face of the world in a fascinating way in recent decades. The influence of technological developments and possibilities are slowly becoming visible. Their full scope is still unknown, their global influence is becoming clear quite rapidly. Research and developments in the semiconductor industry brought unprecedented (data) transport speeds and computing power. Combined with the apparent and almost infinite scope and (distribution) capabilities of the worldwide web, formed the basis of the third - and now fourth - Industrial Revolution.


In his book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Prof. Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, describes how a wide range of new technologies converge the physical, the digital and the biological worlds into a new world. A world that influences, changes and will change every discipline, every (business) economic order and every industry. Algorithms influence and determine our freedom of choice based on our previous web behaviour. The influence of ‘cooky’ policies, data protection and privacy legislation are under construction: new standards are to be set. Traditional LAN/WAN/MAN network architectures are blurred, and data is stored "in the cloud". "Data mining" has become an industry within which people are looking for "the new gold": data.


The international, American and Chinese technology companies are in control and individual, corporate and national security topics are high on every public, political and business economic agenda. Biometric data is used for access controls, smartwatches can transmit real-time medical data and fingerprints, GPRS systems inform us and others about our physical location and the restaurant visit during our weekend trip. The total global payment traffic is settled via the worldwide web. The end of the cash is in sight. Digital marketplaces are emerging all over the world. Solar energy offers local communities unprecedented opportunities for prosperity.





Internationalization / globalization. Global dominance of some technology companies. Traditional industries and business models are disappearing and changing, yield guarantees are being reduced. Department stores close, new initiative and digital entrepreneurship flood the world. Traditional jobs are disappearing, new functions and areas of knowledge are emerging. Is economic and political influence shifting to Corporates? Cybercrime threatens the existing political, economic and social order.



Algorithms identify and select target groups. Redefining channel strategy and using advertising budget differently: - Online distribution / E-commerce. Producers become distributors; distributors become producers. We can activate, block and switch off devices remotely. This also applies to critical infrastructure. Electronic patient records save lives. Saas, Cloud-services, Mobile Wallets, FinTech, Application Development, etc.



Continuous and accelerating innovation in software, computing power, materials science. IoT, intelligent networks, and interconnectivity and remote access. Risk & Cyber Security. Online services, (Smart) Mobility, (Smart) City’s etc. GIS / Data Security, Privacy & data ownership. Machine Learning, VR / AI, etc.


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