Talent Management is meeting - and responding to - the organizational needs for human capital in the short, medium and long term, in a systematic manner. Talent Management includes, amongst other things, the assessment of competencies and talents, the mapping of (potential) talents, career development and promotion, talent and competence development and advising and supervising career choices. It is Capita Selecta's vision that, partly due to recent developments in the labour market, the term "Talent" is not restricted to young graduates.


Talent Management can be called ‘strategic’ in case term indicates an active and focused organizational approach. In that case, Talent Management is a true set of strategic and policy-based activities aimed at identifying, attracting, retaining and developing talents. The ultimate goal is to stimulate motivated talents and apply organizational efforts in such a way that both contribute to the objectives of the organization. Most of the talented employees are looking for a new challenging, professional working environment with development opportunities and rank such an organization as the number one. 


Talent Management makes an essential contribution to the continuity of the organization. The systematic identification, development and retention of talent is therefore a priority. However, successful organizations go one step further. They are also willing to make the decision to motivate the existing leaders - who are in a final position and/or in an end of career position - to give up their position in favour of the up-and-coming talent. To take a step aside and to opt for an expert role within the company and to share their valid knowledge and insights in the years to come.


Capita Selecta Leadership Solutions supports organizations in redefining and sharpening their Talent Management strategy and policy and in developing and implementing techniques and instruments to ensure continuity in key positions.


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