The term "Performance Management" is a widely used concept and open to many explanations. However, a number of core elements always appear in the various definitions of the term. Performance Management stands for all coherent activities that are aimed at the effective and efficient realization of the objectives of an organization. These objectives are at various, aggregated and logically interrelated organizational levels, i.e. company, departmental and individual level.


Performance Management is most commonly used in the context of measuring and evaluating behaviour and results, summarized in the terms "Performance" or "Contribution". Many organizations therefore know the so-called "key performance indicators" ("KPI’s"). In case Performance Management is considered as “managing / steering organizational objectives and results” then measuring and evaluating performance starts with defining the objectives of the organization. Most often, these are expressed in the company's strategy.


Performance Management, in case it is considered as a strategic and integrated approach, meant to improve and increase the effectiveness and results of the organization, is only meaningful and successful if it improves and increases the performance and results of individuals. I.e., if it contributes to the development and performance improvement of teams and individual team members. Performance Management that is applied to measure and monitor individual performance, top-down, periodically and legally, often misses its purpose.



Managing performance in a predictable, consistent and appropriate manner is an impressive and no easy challenge for management in modern times. Organizations are increasingly complex (international) conglomerates of employees who must cope with - and adapt to - continuous changes and challenges in and outside the organization. Flexibility, resilience and adaptability are therefore valuable and indispensable personality traits. 


The values and wishes that employees in the organization possess have been the same for many years: being able to develop their talents, being valued for their personal contributions and achievements (in relation to those of others) and being treated fairly and respectfully.


These are the values that form the core of Capita Selecta's approach to Performance Management: in techniques and instruments in training and coaching.


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