Capita Selecta-Leadership & Executive Search Solutions is for many organizations the first point of contact with respect to Leadership issues and Executive Search solutions. We are the independent expert for ambitious organizations and their management teams.

For them the appointment and development of tomorrow's leaders is a strategic priority.

This is the craftmanship of the Capita Selecta professionals.


 We are regularly invited by family businesses and other midmarket companies, as well as by corporates, to share our views of Leadership

and Executive Search Solutions. These are ambitious, innovative and continuously improving organizations acting in various sectors.

They are directive in the markets in which they operate. Trendsetters who are 'best in class' and where skilled leaders are the driving

force for this collective success.



Capita Selecta works in the following market segments:

In the current economic circumstances, companies active within Professional & Business Services are confronted with rapidly changing market conditions and the need for innovation more than ever. The economic climate, political stability and confidence are key indicators of the willingness of business leaders and companies to invest and hire professional or business service providers. Digitization challenges organizations in this sector to rethink and reconsider strategic and operational topics.

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Technology has drastically changed the relationship between consumer driven companies and their customers. The consumer seems to be in the lead. ‘Experience’ is more important than ever. Not only product innovations but also new forms of customer approach and distribution determine preferences of choice and consumer decision making. The so-called ‘battle for the consumer attention’ is becoming more complex and exciting every day. 

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Capita Selecta's Energy & Utilities practice focuses on businesses and organizations that provide products and services to consumers and companies in areas such as energy, electricity, waste processing and drinking water. Businesses that supply and/or process fossil fuels, but also organizations that collect, process and recycle waste.

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Capita Selecta's Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT) practice focuses on the "trident" that has changed the face of the world in a fascinating way in recent decades. The influence of technological developments and possibilities are slowly becoming visible. Their full scope is still unknown, their global influence is becoming

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Family businesses and portfolio companies of private equity firms are highly flexible and decisive and react quickly to changing circumstances. These often mid-market companies are essential to our economy; They represent the greater part of all Dutch companies. Achieve over 50% of GNP and account for almost half of Dutch employment. Innovative strength combined with long-term objectives makes them an attractive employer. Read more

The globally growing demand for food, the increasing strict regulations regarding food safety and the increasing number of critical consumers pose enormous challenges to the food industry. Sustainable and responsible innovation is of key importance in the years to come. Biodiversity and environmental events determine the quality of food and life in the foreseeable future. Read more

What does the manufacturing industry need to maintain its strong position? In the current market, the European manufacturing industry is at the forefront in quality, reliability and efficiency. With regard to process optimization, innovation and sustainability, other economies are getting close quite fast. And what about the geo-political developments when it concerns the policies towards (global) purchasing of strategic natural resources?

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Capita Selecta's Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure practice is aimed at companies that, based on their core activities and design knowledge, provide an indispensable foundation for those matters and themes that make a society function. The transport of people and the transport, logistics and distribution of goods and services via waterways, railways and motorways, would be impossible without switching points (hubs), which are, for example, (airports) ports, storage terminals, gas stations, (train) stations. Logistic (distribution) systems could not exist and/or function. Read more


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