Much is written and said about the importance of the well-guided start of a new employee. At all levels in the organization. In practice it has been proven that on distinct occasions (too) little attention is paid to the good landing of new people. Approximately 50% of the externally recruited senior managers and executives left the organization within 2 years because they found too little connection with the organization and visa versa. 


Apart from the extra costs, these can amount to a multiple of the recruitment costs, this often puts the organization at a major strategic disadvantage.

Onboarding belongs to the core services of Capita Selecta and can be a logical sequel to a search that we have successfully completed. Having a good idea of the organization and the team in which someone ends up is essential. It is not just a question of quantifiable matters. The match of the values and norms, the culture of the client and that of the final candidate is just as important.


Next to the fact that all employees involved are responsible for a smooth integration, the Partners of Capita Selecta can, based on their experience, professional insights and, if desired, their professional toolkit ensure the successful integration and landing of the candidate in his/her new position.


The Onboarding will cover a period of about one year. Together with those directly involved we make clear arrangements regarding the process. Certainly, in the first period there are a number of fixed contact moments at which progress is evaluated with all directly involved.


Customization, personal attention and engagement are leading. During the Onboarding, on a regular base progress will be reported to both, client and candidate. If required, suggestions are made regarding individual and / or team coaching.

Already during our search process, we are happy to discuss the best deployment of our onboarding program. 


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