The globally growing demand for food, the increasing strict regulations regarding food safety and the increasing number of critical consumers pose enormous challenges to the food industry. Sustainable and responsible innovation is of key importance in the years to come. Biodiversity and environmental events determine the quality of food and life in the foreseeable future.

Internationalization, scaling up and product innovation are modern topics within ‘Life Sciences’, (i.e. companies and knowledge institutions in the field of food and biotechnology). One of the key topics is the availability of alternative protein sources (‘novel proteins’). The rapid growth of the world population, combined with the rising prosperity in many parts of the world, accelerates the growing global demand for protein.

The sector is developing technologies for the production of new ingredients from sustainable sources. This corresponds with the growing demand of many companies in the food industry for sustainable protein ingredients that are functional, have a full nutritional profile and are of economic interest.


At the same time, the sector is professionalizing at a rapid pace and must be equipped with expertise, managers and professionals that have the latest knowledge, experience and education in order to be able to respond to the rapid changing demands and needs of a broad group of stakeholders.

 We keep close track on all new developments and have the proven expertise and network in this field. We are well equipped to support and guide our clients in the correct fulfilment of strategic and senior management positions. In addition, we are actively involved in the sensitive and so important compilation of a value-creating Supervisory and/or Advisory Board.


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