The basis for leadership is deeply embedded in a person and involves a combination of drives and character traits. They explain why people (want to) be “leaders” and what the origin of their motivation and energy is. “Leadership” is a craftmanship in which professionals can develop. Successful leaders are willing to look at themselves and learn from mistakes in order to act affective and appropriately, given the situation and the person.


Capita Selecta's Leadership Solutions encourages leaders to develop their potential, experiment with new behaviour and apply it in practice. A focus on cognitive aspects of leadership, such as "visionary thinking", is important but not sufficient. It is the combination of cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) that makes leaders successful.


To be able to make a real difference, Capita Selecta focuses on leaders who transform into a new role and / or experience that they no longer have the same impact that they had in previous roles or situations. This explicitly focuses on the human process side of transformation. Capita Selecta's leadership interventions focus on leaving old behavioural patterns behind and developing a new repertoire that fits in with the new responsibilities or changed situation. They focus on awareness and change in leadership behaviour.


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