Organizations spend a lot of time and money on setting up their work processes, streamlining the financial organization or (re) structuring the organization. The continuous interest in quality, process and financial resources is important, but it will only have an impact if the most important condition is met; inspiring, efficient and influential "Leadership". As, after all, it is people who move the system. And it is people who are motivated and inspired by their leaders to develop and challenge themselves and to get the best out of themselves and to give the best to the organization and its leaders.


The development of individuals who hold leadership positions always starts with the question "Why?" Answering the many questions that arise by asking this simple question triggers a process that leads to awareness, insight, knowledge and growth. For the leader of an organization, raising the question steers the direction of the company and the purpose of ‘leadership’ to the company.


Asking - and answering - the question "Why?" is essential for sustainable success. It provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the ingredients for pleasure at the workplace, motivation of management and least but not least the vision on leadership itself. By unravelling the question "Why?", Capita Selecta’s "Leadership Solutions" supports the client’s leadership development.


Capita Selecta's Leadership Solutions offers a range of cohesive leadership programs in which "Leadership Development" is put central. We offer customized solutions through advice, coaching and training.


Capita Selecta focuses on the following leadership services:

 Leadership Development / Top Team Effectiveness / Individual Coaching / Talent Management / Performance Management


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