Capita Selecta-Leadership & Executive Search Solutions focuses on successful, inspiring and dedicated candidates who, with pleasure and relentless energy, fulfil their responsibilities. Senior managers with a proven and successful track record in managing change. For them we focus on:

Capita Selecta focuses on successful, inspiring and dedicated candidates who fulfil their responsibilities with pleasure and full of energy. Senior managers, executives and Top-Line professionals with a proven track-record in managing (part of)

a company and so facilitating success. Clearly and stable they take steps in their careers. Steps that may also be outside the ‘beaten track’. They do not fear to get out of their comfort zone.

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In recent decades, technological innovation, cultural, social and demographic developments have formed a very rapidly changing playing field for individuals and organizations. In what way do they possess the ability to find a balance in this flow of constant changes? How are organizations able to mobilize changing labour market and talent potential? 

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The role of a member of the Supervisory Board is complex and comprehensive. Employer, supervisor and advisor at the same time. Active in the field of governance, supervision, risk management, strategy and boardroom dynamics. We support our clients in the composition of a balanced Supervisory Board and/or Advisory Board. We validate and second candidates, experienced and beginning in their orientation.

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