What does the manufacturing industry need to maintain its strong position? In the current market, the European manufacturing industry is at the forefront in quality, reliability and efficiency. With regard to process optimization, innovation and sustainability, other economies are getting close quite fast. And what about the geo-political developments when it concerns the policies towards (global) purchasing of strategic natural resources?


Within the manufacturing industry, the developments in technology are high on the agenda. Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication are the key topics in the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) that is emerging as we speak. It is characterized by ever-increasing digitization and technical integration of systems that transcend processes, geographical boundaries, business models and value chains.


Yet, to maintain their strategic lead, organizations still do not (fully) use the opportunities and/or face the challenges the digital transformation offers. Industry 4.0 it is not only about digitizing the value chain. In case companies truly want to be able to respond better and faster to the customer demand, Industry 4.0 also regards the structural adjustments in the product and service portfolio of companies.


To take full advantage of the opportunities and possibilities of Industry 4.0, new, often disruptive business models must be introduced. The focus should be on increasing customer benefits by offering an increasing range of "solutions" and by working more closely together with customers and partners. The insights business leaders require to be able to make the right, information and fact based, decisions, emerge from ever increasing amounts of data, and the subsequent data analysis.











The manufacturing industry must overcome many obstacles to remain in the lead. In addition, sustainability and environmental topics are playing a key role in the strategic and operational management of organizations.


The manufacturing industry must ensure that it has the most sufficient and modern expertise and knowledge. It is of key importance that managers and professionals are attracted who have new capabilities and skills to respond to the challenges the digital and fast changing world impose and offer.



We keep close track on all new developments and have the proven expertise and network in this field. We are well equipped to support and guide our clients in the correct fulfilment of strategic and senior management positions. In addition, we are actively involved in the sensitive and so important compilation of a value-creating Supervisory and/or Advisory Board.


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