"Coaching" is encouraging the achievement of personal goals through insight in own drives and characteristics and the effort of own behaviour on others, development of knowledge, competences and talents. In addition to their personal goals, leaders also have to deal with the goals that result from their position and the goals of the organization that they (also internally) represent. Leaders are supposed to provide feedback on the functioning of the members of their team, their peers and their managers. Capita Selecta coaches leaders.


Related to the responsibilities they hold, the origin of the coaching-needs of leaders can derive from a multitude of situations they are confronted with. These concern, for example: dealing with (moral) dilemmas, dealing with conflicting situations, the image that they have of themselves (versus the image that others have of them), (re) recognizing (personal) pitfalls, their style management and effective communication, etc.


Coaching is a profound learning experience in which unknown possibilities are explored for the person and targeted development takes place in practice. It gives the person e.g. insight into (the effects of) personal (i.e. own) behaviour and personal motives, but also why, for example, some aspects of work or dealing with certain people evoke so much irritation.


Coaching gives individuals insight into themselves and provides them with, among other things, tools to deal adequately with - the consequences of - their behaviour. With the acquired wisdoms and insights into the deeper layers of their personality, and the influence from their motivations, one learns to experiment with other behaviour, to experience what the effects are and how to act in order to achieve the defined effects and objectives.


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