Capita Selecta focuses on successful, inspiring and dedicated candidates who fulfil their responsibilities with pleasure and full of energy. Senior managers, executives and Top-Line professionals with a proven track-record in managing (part of) a company and so facilitating success. Clearly and stable they take steps in their careers. Steps that may also be outside the ‘beaten track’. They do not fear to get out of their comfort zone.


We like to work together with those who give direction in change, have impact and determine the success of tomorrow. These are inspiring leaders who combine thinking and acting effectively. Ambitious managers who, together with their team, will achieve the desired results and are motivated to do so again in the future.


These are the proven professionals who:

  • With ambition, enthusiasm and drive point out the way to the future.

  • Achieve the set goals together with their team.

  • Know that sharing and working together will bring the organization forward.

  • Incorporate responsibility and ownership in stable leadership at senior management and/or executive level.

  • Know the subtle difference between 'entrepreneurship' and 'intrapreneurship' and are able to redefine boundaries.

These candidates wish to exchange views on their ambitions, motives, qualities and future in a robust and challenging conversation with Capita Selecta.

To discover and determine together what we can mean for each other.


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