Executive Search: Guidance and Advice

Executive Search is a process that requires a profound preparation and careful design together with a strong focus on shared principles and common values, the reference points for success. It is this craftmanship with which Capita Selecta-Leadership & Executive Search Solutions guides and advises clients

and candidates in a distinctive way. The target and solution is to create a stable and successful working partnership between the organization and their future leader(s). Inspiring, visionary and pragmatic leaders who give direction to their team, control pace of change a and who transform vision and strategy into

measurable targets and success.

How to realize this

Our starting point is an environmental survey. We thereby place the preferred leadership role and personality/behavioral characteristics in their cultural and organizational context. We observe and share our findings with the client.


We compile a document that represents the desired requirements, professional background and other competences in a clear way.

This is the starting point of our work, i.e. the process by which a profound image is obtained from the organization and what kind of person/leader fits within the culture of the organization. On this basis, we confidentiality will approach a select group of candidates.

Only with their explicit consent, interested and qualified candidates will be presented and discussed with the clients.

Managing expectations

Executive Search is not only supervising the process, accompany and advising clients and candidates.

Above all, it implies managing expectations. Expectations that Capita Selecta brings together in a decision-making process that leads to

well thought-out and most appropriated choices. For clients and candidates.


Our expertise is best found at the level of executive and/or senior management teams and supervisory boards.

Our clients are national and international family companies and corporate organizations.


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