Capita Selecta's Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure practice is aimed at companies that, based on their core activities and design knowledge, provide an indispensable foundation for those matters and themes that make a society function. The transport of people and the transport, logistics and distribution of goods and services via waterways, railways and motorways, would be impossible without switching points (hubs), which are, for example, (airports) ports, storage terminals, gas stations, (train) stations. Logistic (distribution) systems could not exist and/or function.

"Infrastructure" stands for those systems that form the basis for the transport of goods, people and services. It stands for time, place, process, coherence and chain dependence. Capita Selecta's Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure practice focuses on companies that own the Assets such as terminals, refineries, power plants, blast furnaces, airports, stations, tunnels, locks and bridges. 

However, our practice also focuses on those companies that have the knowledge, skills and experience to design, build and maintain this infrastructure:

The engineering firms and construction companies.


Market :

Internationalization / Globalization. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Centralization and uniformity of reporting within (former) family businesses. Transformation traditional (local) entrepreneurship and regional customer relationships versus integration in international companies that are matrix wised structured and organised. Integrated approach and services solutions. Private-Public-Cooperation. Planning / LEAN. Concession, permit and land matters. Tender Management / Tender Culture. Strategic Partnerships. Risk Management. Public / Private project Finance, etc.

Infrastructure :

Sustainability. Innovation. IT & Technology, digitization, automation, IoT. Smart networks and "smart metering": decentralized distribution and invoicing between consumers. Urbanization/ Connected Society - (Smart) Cities, mobility, electric vehicles. Solar and wind farms. GIS / Data (security) & ownership;

Cyber Security, VR / AI, etc.


Edward van den Boom

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