Capita Selecta's Energy & Utilities practice focuses on businesses and organizations that provide products and services to consumers and companies in areas such as energy, electricity, waste processing and drinking water. Businesses that supply and/or process fossil fuels, but also organizations that collect, process and recycle waste.


 The Energy & Utilities practice focuses on companies that, partly due to national and international climate objectives, take up the challenge to make a substantial contribution to sustainability and the energy transition through fundamental research, innovation and new technologies. By creating new economic business models, they contribute to the fundamentals of the circular economy.

Environmental and climate objectives call for fundamental social changes, in which CO₂-free energy production and an ever-decreasing CO₂ emission are central.

Old ideas and discussions are on the agenda again (nuclear energy).

Changing ownership and relationships, restructuring and splitting organisations, international (geo) political positions, technological developments, reliability and continuity of delivery, regulation, remuneration restrictions (WNT), security themes and cyber security are just some of the core themes that, in random order,

compete for attention.





Regional, national and international. Private versus public shareholding. Concession obligations and market (de-) regulation. Geopolitics. Integrated approaches and solutions. Private-Public-Cooperation. (PPP) Venture Capital, M&A, Project Finance.




Digital - smart metering / smart grids. Cyber security. Decentralized generation, distribution and settlement. (Decentralized) Energy storage capacity, new generations of batteries. Charging stations for electric driving. Stability, availability, network load, energy leakage, monitoring and safety.



Transition fossil energy supply (oil, gas, coal, waste) to sustainable energy generation from wind, sun, geothermal energy, biomass, biogases, hydrogen, hydro (hydro), waste processing and nuclear fusion.


Legislation and standards. Climate objectives and fulfilled agreements. CO₂ emission levels. Collection and (pre and post) separation of waste and raw material processing.


Edward van den Boom

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