Executive Search is a process that requires a profound preparation and careful design together with a strong focus on shared principles and common values, the reference points for success. It is this craftmanship with which Capita Selecta guides and advises clients and candidates in a distinctive way.

How to realize this

Our starting point is an environmental survey. We thereby place the preferred leadership role and personality/behavioral characteristics in their cultural and organizational context. We observe and share our findings with the client.

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The role of a member of the Supervisory Board is complex and comprehensive. Employer, supervisor and advisor at the same time. Active in the field of governance, supervision, risk management, strategy and boardroom dynamics. We support our clients in the composition of a balanced Supervisory Board and/or Advisory Board. We validate and second candidates, experienced and beginning in their orientation.

Professional supervision is not just for (large) listed companies, or complex organizations in the public domain. For many mid-market (family) companies supervision is a topic. Capita Selecta is frequently engaged to accompany these companies in finding qualified members for their Supervisory Board or Advisory Board. 

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Much is written and said about the importance of the well-guided start of a new employee. At all levels in the organization. In practice it has been proven that on distinct occasions (too) little attention is paid to the good landing of new people. Approximately 50% of the externally recruited senior managers and executives left the organization within 2 years because they found too little connection with the organization and visa versa.


Apart from the extra costs, these can amount to a multiple of the recruitment costs, this often puts the organization at a major strategic disadvantage.  Read more



The basis for leadership is deeply embedded in a person and involves a combination of drives and character traits. They explain why people (want to) be “leaders” and what the origin of their motivation and energy is. “Leadership” is a craftmanship in which professionals can develop. Successful leaders are willing to look at themselves and learn from mistakes in order to act affective and appropriately, given the situation

and the person. 


Capita Selecta's Leadership Solutions encourages leaders to develop their potential, experiment with new behaviour and apply it in practice. A focus on cognitive aspects of leadership, such as "visionary thinking", is important but not sufficient. It is the combination of cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) that makes leaders successful. Read more

Managing an organization requires an optimal interaction between the responsible manager and his or her team. Although the presence of individual talent of the team members is an important condition for success, it is the quality of the team itself that is crucial. Read more

"Coaching" is encouraging the achievement of personal goals through insight in own drives and characteristics and the effort of own behaviour on others, development of knowledge, competences and talents. In addition to their personal goals, leaders also have to deal with the goals that result from their position and the goals of the organization that they (also internally) represent. Leaders are supposed to provide feedback on the functioning of the members of their team, their peers and their managers. Capita Selecta coaches leaders. Read more


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