The role of a member of the Supervisory Board is complex and comprehensive. Employer, supervisor and advisor at the same time. Active in the field of governance, supervision, risk management, strategy and boardroom dynamics. We support our clients in the composition of a balanced Supervisory Board and/or Advisory Board. We validate and second candidates, experienced and beginning in their orientation.


The economic and social environment in which companies and organizations operate becomes increasingly complex. Professional supervision is no longer reserved for listed and so-called ‘structure’ companies or for the complex organizations in the public domain. Next to these organizations, Capita Selecta is frequently invited by family businesses and other midmarket companies as well as small corporates to assist them in finding qualified members for their Supervisory

Board or Advisory Board.


The growth of the company, qualitative and/or quantitative, can be the cause of bottlenecks within the organization which require additional and or extended expertise. One of the major advantages of appointing a Supervisory Board or Advisory Board is the fact that the individual Board members can support both the shareholder(s) and the management in making choices and taking decisions and can ensure them in keeping focus on strategy as on business operations and execution. Especially now, in times when developments are emerging at a rapid and accelerating pace on many areas.


The added value of the individual members is that by bringing their own experience and insight, they can (and usually should) contribute to the growth and achievable, realistic ambitions of the company. The Supervisory Board operates as a collective, but each member should realize he/she also bears a great and individual responsibility.


The Partners of Capita Selecta contribute with tailor made support to the composition of these Boards, with full regard to expertise, social background

and recognizability related to the work area of the organization. 


The strength of the professionals of Capita Selecta is that they are fully aware of the fact that a supervisory position is a position with great impact.

Not only from the perspective of knowledge, experience, content, accessibility and availability, but also from a legal and liability perspective.


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